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Eldpathy strives to promote “Empathy for elderly” by encouraging public participation in elderly philanthropy. Because of the increasing number of elders, Hong Kong will soon be classified as an Aging Society, which leads to economic, medical and social challenges. To heighten the awareness from our next generation, we offer Elderly Simulation Program to develop their understanding and empathy towards the elderly. The ‘’3Es’’ objectives of our program are Experience, Empathize and Excited.

In our program, we enable participants to feel and experience the life of an elderly by putting on a specially designed suit. They will take up the
Elderly Challenges, which are fun tasks allowing participants to experience different real life scenarios and hardship faced by the elders. Lastly, collaborating with Happy Grannies, we will hire the our great grannies to be our helpers; they can share and interact with the participants. Thus, the participants can understand and create empathy through this cross-generation dialogue. In addition, we will provide a platform for participants to internalize their empathy into real actions by joining various elderly voluntary services. The main revenue comes from the program fee from the participants. Our targeted customers include secondary schools, universities and corporations.

The founders of Eldpathy are passionate about the caring services of elderly in Hong Kong. We also have diversified advisory board directors including professionals from the academic, social welfare and business fields. This combination creates a team, which is well positioned to tackle the aging problem in Hong Kong.



  • increase social awareness on elderly issues 

  • develop participants' empathy toward the elderly 

  • invite some elderly as program helpers


  • cultivate elderly philanthropic action in HK

  • long-term relationship built (elderly & volunteers) 

  • more opportunities for elderly to engage in society