Eldpathy offers a wide range of simulation programs to fit your unique learning objectives.

Plan A (Indoor Simulation)
Gear up with the Elderly Simulation Suit, and experience
indoors with daily life activities of an elderly, including:
- ‘’Everything is Blur!!’’
- ‘’TheHandChallenge’’
- ''The Treasure Hunt''
Plan B (Outdoor Simulation)
''Suit'' up in public areas to go on missions, and at the same time learn about the accessibility of facilities for the elderly. Missions include:
- Orienteering Missions
- Stairs/ Bridge Challenge
- ''The Good Old Days''
- Elderly Facilities Survey
Plan C (Interactive seminar)
Seminars with interactive games to enhance audiences' understanding of the needs and feelings of the elderly.
Plan D (Simulation + Service)
- Participants help organize different theme-based voluntary services for the elderly to enhance their Elderly experience
Plan E (Coming Soon)
Plan F (Coming Soon)
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Plan E (Coming Soon)