Elderly Simulation Program


The simulation suit used in this program is a patented invention of the Cycling & Health Technology Industry R & D Center (CHC) in Taiwan, developed by professionals including doctors, nurses, physiologists, and social workers. The suit consists of several specially designed impediments such as braces, elastic bands and a pair of blurry eyeglasses, which allows participants to grasp physical experiences of a elderly.

​Eldpathy offers Elderly Simulation Programs to schools, corporations and the public to transform people’s prejudice into empathy. The "3Es" are our program’s objectives: Experience, Empathize and Excite

1.   Experience.

2.   E​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​xcite. 

3.   E​​​​​​​​​mpathize. ​

Experience is gained in the beginning of the program where each participant can feel the physical condition of an elderly by putting on a specially designed suit.

Excitement comes when the participants take up the Elderly Challenges, in which various fun tasks can allow them to simulate different real life scenarios and hardship faced by the elderly.

We will employ underprivileged individuals as the program’s assistants to share and interact with participants so that they will be enable to understand and create ​​​​​​​​​​​​empathy through this cross-generation dialogue.